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SUNFISH (Low Ratio) || Saturdays || 12:30 -1:00pm || Nov 18 - Jan 20, 2018

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No classes: Dec 23, Dec 30 


Ages:  3-5 years of age


Swimmers work on front and back floats in deep water, front, back, and rollover glides for 5 meters, and swimming 5 meters on front with face in the water. Swimmers jump into water and maintain surface support for 5 seconds


Successful completion of Salamander

Fitness Activities

1. Kicking with Buoyant Object 5m

2. Distance Swim 5m

Skills and Water Safety

1. Facility/ Site Orientation and Active Supervision

2. Stop! Look! Ask!

3. Weight Transfer in Chest-Deep Water

4. Slip into Deep Water

5. PFD/ Lifejacket and Me and Swim 5m

6. Change Direction in Shallow Water

7. Surface Support in Chest-Deep Water 5 seconds

8. Jump into Chest- Deep Water, Surface Support 5 seconds

9. Front Float and Recovery in Deep Water 5 seconds

10. Back Float and Recovery in Deep Water 5 seconds


1. Rhythmic Breathing 5 Times, 2 Ways

2. Front Glide with Kick 5m

3. Back Glide with Kick 5m

4. Roll-Over Glide with Kick 5m

5. Side Glide with Kick 3m (assisted)

6. Front Swim 5m

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